The event “Social Economy, Whereto? Learned Lessons and Perspectives for Romania” was held at the Cervantes Institute on Friday, November 13, and brought together representatives of public institutions, civil society or academia, as well as specialists in social economy, managers and employees in structures of social economy. The event was organized by Euzone Consultancy Network, Consult Pro Education Association and their partners.

The event offered the participants the opportunity to present over 20 social economy projects in various fields of interest, such as clothing, handcrafted objects, gardening, woodwork, advertising, interior design, business consulting, public policy monitoring and consultancy for the development of non-profit organizations.

The CMPP team was actively present at the debate concerning the perspectives of social economy in Romania. In his speech, CMPP Executive Director Octavian Rusu raised the issue of the “Social Contract in the Field of Public Procurement.”

The event focused on current matters relevant to the way in which social economy is implemented and functions. The impact of the new legislation on structures of social economy, state aid and competition, NGOs’ role in the development of social economy, and public procurement as a means for developing this sector were only a few of the themes approached during the event.